Typical achievements

Publication Date:2015-06-10

  With the product advantage and integration capacity, XJ has provided a great amount of complete sets of equipment for national major projects such as "Wes-East Power Transmission", "West- East Natural Gas Transmission", "South-North Water Diversion" project, nuclear power plants and railway constructions, and has obtained l remarkable project achievements.

  *      Grid field

  The all UHV DC transmission projects in China such as Xiangjiaba-Shanghai, Yunnan-Guangdong, Jinping-South of Jiangsu, South of Hami-Zhengzhou, Yinbin-Jinhua; UHV AC transmission projects such as Southeast Shanxi,Huainan-Shanghai, North of Zhejiang-Fuzhou , Ximeng-Shandong; distribution network  projects in more than 30 provinces , cities and regions such as Beijing, Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Guangdong ,Jiangsu; . Smart substation projects of Shanxi Yan'an 750kV, Yixingdong 500kV, Chongqing Dashi 220kV, Shanghai Yetang 110kV,etc.



  1000kV HAVC transmission projects of Shanxi-Nanyang-Jinmen, Huainan-Shanghai, Zhejiang-Fujian, Ximeng-Shandong

  *      New energy power generation

  Zhangbei wind power and photovoltaic power storage and transmission demonstration project, Hami ten million kW wind power base, Longyangxia hydraulic solar hybrid power, National 863 demonstration project of Nanji Island and Luxi island microgrid demonstration project, Zhuhai Wanshan island micro grid demonstration project.


  Zhangbei wind power and photovoltaic power storage and transmission demonstration project


  Longyangxia water-optical complenmentary,  Nanji Island micro grid demonstration project of State 863 demonstration project

  *      Electrical vehicle charging &swapping

  Intelligent charging & swapping demonstration projects of Beijing , Shanghai ,Tianjin, Nanjing, Zhengzhou, Qingdao and other large and medium cities; Beijing-Shanghai, Beijing-Hong Kong-Macao and Qingdao-Yinchuan high way inter-city fast charging station projects.


XJ EPC Qingdao Xuejiadao electric vehicle smart charging&swaping&storage demonstration station

  *      Smart city

  Jiaxing smart city, Zhuhai Hengqin new district smart city, Shanghai city smart transportation.

  *      Energy saving service

  Distribution network energy saving reconstruction projects of Shandong province, Hebei Langfang, Sichuang Guanghan, Henan Jiaozuo etc.; Sinopec Great Wall energy acetylene project, submerged arc furnace energy saving reconstruction of Dalian Heavy Industry, Ningxia Baota, Shanxi Jinwantong; Beijing Fangshan electric heating renovation project, etc.

  *      Power generation field

  Three Gorges projects, Datang Guangdong Chaozhou Sanbaimen power plant 2〜1000MW units, Guangxi Qinzhou power plant II expansion project 2〜1000MW units; Qinshan nuclear power plant, Fangchenggang nuclear power plant, Sanmen nuclear power plant, Haiyang nuclear power plant, etc.


                                              Qinshan nuclear power plant

  *      Railway transportation

  Beijing-Tianjing inter-city, Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway, Wuhan-Guangzhou high-speed railway, Zhengzhou-Xi'an high-speed railway, Ha'erbin-Dalian high-speed railway, Beijing-Shijiazhuang-Wuhan high-speed railway, Changsha-Kunming high-speed railway, Lanzhou-Xinjiang passenger special line, Hefei-Wuhan passenger special line, Hefei-Ningxia passenger special line, Datong-Xi'an passenger special line and other high-speed railway projects; Beijing subway project, Shanghai subway project, Guangzhou subway project, Shenzhen subway project, Zhengzhou subway project ,Wuhan subway project, Changsha subway project, Nanchang subway project ,Fuzhou subway project, etc.

  *     Water conservancy project

  South-North Water Diversion project, etc.

  *     Construction venues

  The Beijing Olympic Games, the Shanghai World Expo, Xi¨an Garden Expo and other construction projects.

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